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While there are no plans to expand Lismore City’s limited cycleway network, chiefly because of a lack of funding, the Council has embarked on a process to construct a network of mountain bike trails near the Wilsons Walking Track.

No money is available for this purpose either, but the Council says it wants to make the plans ‘shovel-ready’ in order to apply for construction grants.

The project will involve the restoration of the existing Wilsons Walking Track and a new, 7km cross-country mountain biking loop. The proposed new Wilsons Walking Track is to be built as a ‘shared-use trail’, 2-3m wide, linking Robinson’s Lookout to Amaroo Place – a total distance of about 1.6km, according to Council's Sport and Recreation Officer James Voght.

The plans include five mountain biking trails of varying difficulties, all of which will be loops and go in a single direction,” he said.

“Each trail will be numbered and colour-coded for identification and the whole trail network can be ridden in one large loop. We have made sure the shared-use trail is as wide and safe as possible to avoid conflict between walkers and riders.”

There are three access points to the trail network – Robinson’s Lookout, Keen Street and Amaroo Place.

A drop-in session for the community is being held at Council’s Corporate Centre on Thursday, 28 August from 3.30pm to 4.30pm. There will be display boards of information and staff can answer questions. Information is also on display at Lismore Library.

More information from James Voght on 1300 87 83 87.