The privacy of your personal information is important to the Northern Rivers General Practice Network. The aim of this privacy policy is to explain to registered users of the website about the personal information we collect. Any personal information which is collected directly from registered users is done so when required for business processes of the website and is procured by request to the user and not by any other, including unlawful, means.

Information which is collected may include data from contact forms and questionnaires. No sensitive information will be collected. The information collected will only be used for a secondary purpose where it relates specifically to the primary purpose and would therefore be considered to be a fair and reasonable use of the information. The information will not be provided to any third party providers. If information is considered for a use not related to the primary use, an opt-in consent with detailed explanation of the use will be required by the user at the time of providing the information. If the user does not consent, this decision will not influence the user interacting with the website. In keeping with the Privacy Act, unusual disclosure of information is only considered in circumstances of serious risk to the individual or public health or in relation to law enforcement.

The Northern Rivers General Practice Network takes all precautions to protect the privacy of the personal information of registered users but does not take responsibility for accidental leaking of personal information.

Note: As of 1 December 2019, this website holds no information on any visitor nor on any previously registered user.