Nordocs magazine is the magazine and online journal and e-newsletter of the Northern Rivers Medical Network.

Nordocs magazine is the best way for any company or organisation offering services or products to local medical practitioners to make contact directly with the key clinicians and their practices.

The journal has considerable interest to doctors and other healthcare providers beyond the NSW Northern Rivers region. However, its focus will be local.

Being locally focused, our articles and advertising will be well-read and able to produce real results for those businesses targeting this influential market.

Who should advertise in Nordocs magazine?

Any organisation, company or individual offering services or products used by GPs and specialists, and their practices stands to benefit from making direct contact with our readership.

These will include –

The cost of advertising in Nordocs magazine

Annual Sponsorships - 2020

Gold ($6,200) & Silver ($3,800). 
(Assistance with preparing copy/photos can be provided by arrangement.)


Buying a Gold Nordocs magazine sponsorship entitles the sponsor to the following –


A Silver Nordocs magazine sponsorship entitles the sponsor to the following


Quarterly journal / online pdf and Issuu Format of Nordocs magazine

The dimensions for Nordocs magazine hard copy ads can be found in the Visual Guide to Nordocs magazine Advertising.

The contract rates below are for four issues each "calendar" year which commences in December with the Summer edition. Part year rates can be negotiated.  

Note: The back and inside back cover comes with a 25% loading. 

Classified advertising

Smaller ads featuring name and type of business, logo, photo if required, and address/contact details - From $100.00

Web Only Advertising

$500 for left upper column advertising (all pages) for 3 months and the appearance in 6 newsletters.

Newsletter Advertising

$260 for advertorial on the website and the appearance in 3 newsletters. 

Additional Art Work

Our fees above cover the initial advertisement setup. Advertisers requiring subsequent changes or additional art work will be charged $80 per hour.  


For many years the journal Nordocs magazine forerunner, GPSpeak, flourished as the voice of the Northern Rivers General Practice Network before being placed on hold when many of the assets of the Network were transferred to the newly established North Coast (NSW) Medicare Local. 

After popular support from our GP members, we re-launched GPSpeak in December 2013 to provide a valuable hub for sharing information, accessing professional resources, linking GPs with hospitals, specialists and other services, and educational and training coordinators.

In January 2020 the Northern Rivers General Practice Network changed its constitution to represent all doctors - GPs, specialists and doctors in training - in the larger footprint of Tweed Heads to Grafton. In September 2020, GPSpeak magazine was renamed Nordocs reflecting this change in focus. 

Nordocs magazine is online without restriction and is supported by a subscriber-only regular e-newsletter updating our members on issues of importance and interest to them.

Both methods of delivery offer advertisers value for money by bringing their messages to a specific and relevant readership.

Key personnel:

Contact and further information

For further information and sending copy, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.