Atherosclerosis stages

The Northern Rivers Doctors Network is holding its first webinar on Saturday, 8 August 2020 at 8.00 a.m. on the subject of Carotid Artery Disease. 

The meeting will feature case discussions and a Q&A with Dr Dom Simring, consultant vascular surgeon, and Dr Sue Baumann, a consultant neurologist who has recently moved to the North Coast. 

The facilitator for the webinar is Dr Peter Silberberg. Peter has had a long association with North Coast GP Training when it ran the local GP registrar training program. More recently he has been involved with general education in the North Coast primary care sector. 

North Coast GP Training is providing technical support under its new moniker, the Cape Institute. Cape is continuing its role in primary health education but is no longer relying on local Federal government funding. It is using the skills and experience it has built up over the years to provide educational opportunities to organisations around the country. 

The covid-19 pandemic has prevented face to face meetings since early March 2020 and the annual Nordocs Unconference that has been held in June for the last two years was postponed indefinitely. With all medical education organisations facing these restrictions many groups have gone online creating a crowded market. 

Nordocs webinar organiser, Dr David Guest, says that, “Despite covid restrictions, there is still value in local GPs,  specialists and doctors-in-training getting together, even if it is only online. A GP can practice in an area for years and still not meet all the specialists to whom they regularly send patients. 

We have opted to run the meeting for one hour on a Saturday morning since there is less time pressure on doctors on the week-end and we plan to have the session over before the rest of the family gets up”, he quipped.

“We are not wedded to that time slot, however, and are happy to try alternatives for future meetings.”

The meeting will be recorded for viewing at a later time for those unable to attend. 

Nordocs is in the process of forming an Education Committee to set the direction for the 12 months webinar trial period. It is envisaged that these will be held approximately monthly. 

Attendees qualify for a certificate of attendance that can be used for their CPD requirements. However, the meeting has not sought RACGP accreditation due to the cost that that entails. 

The meeting has been very generously sponsored by Abbott Vascular from their Endovascular Products and Vessel Closure department. 

North Coast medical practitioners can register online at Eventbrite until the morning of the event.